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Distinguishing Features

A series of coherent, integrated and forward-looking courses include beauty design, beauty care and management fields.

Beauty Design Module

Beauty Skills Course



The colored drawing makeup,  Makeup Theory and Practice,  Specialized makeup and Practice,  Contract of Modeling Professional Courses

Skin Care

Skin Care and Health Practical Training,  SPA skin care and Instrument Practice

Body Styling

Music Aromatherapy,  Contract of Beauty Professional Courses


Hair Care Theory and Practice,  Scissors Perm Design and Practice,  Hair coloring design and Practice,  Specialized Hairstyle and Practice,  Creativity Hairstyle Practice,  Contract of Hair Professional Courses

Nail Art

Phototherapy nail art,  3D three-dimensional design nail,  Hand and foot nursing

Overall Modelling Course

Lessons in elegant deportment,  Overall modelling design and development,  Accessories Design,  Era of Styling Design

Art Course

The Gateway to Arts,  The form and principles of Beauty,  Body Basic Sketch,  Applied Color Theory,  Skill Methods of Design Chart of Beauty Modeling,  Art with Life Aesthetics,  Styling Design

Beauty Care Module

Health Care Course

Beauty Through Nutrition,  Free radicals and anti-aging science,  Health Management

Medical and sanitation Courses

Introduction to safety and sanitation,  Skin Physiology,  Anatomical physiology,  Cosmetic Medicine

Cosmetics Technology Course

Introduction to Cosmetology,  Cosmetic Ingredient Analysis and Application,  Basic Chemical of Beauty,  Cosmetic Microbiology

Management Module

Organizational Management Course

Touching Service,  Introduction to Business Administration,  Marketing Management,  Consumer Behavior,  The Management of Professional Beauty Salon,  Contract of Marketing Professional Courses

Digital Application Course

Computer Applications,  Computer Aided Cosmetology Styling,  Digital Beautify Design Application

Life etiquette Course

Life Developing,  Job of Skills,  Main common ability of career,  Lecture of Beauty Welfare,  Business Lecture